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Donna Ginther
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Stella Irene Martinez
Evelyn Peterson
Carol Rafferty
Elizabeth Ramirez
Connie Ring
Sandra Sanscheck
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Margaret (Suzan) Yates
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Sherry Britton
When this page was started there were 79 missing Classmates. We got down to 12. Now we are back up to 17! One person is responsible for finding all but 3 of the 67 Classmates that have been found. To date there are at least 4 Classmates signed up for the reunion that would not have come without this persons efforts. His name appears at the bottom of the page. As you scroll down to find out his identity please take time to look at each missing classmates picture to see if you can help locate any of them. E-mail your clues by clicking on the link above.

Thank you
Thank you Jim Decker for all of your hard work
Sandra Blank Heit