Billings Senior High Graduating Class in 1962
I'm on my way!
Billings Senior High 1962 Graduating Class Today
I can do it!
I can help!
That was then. This is now.
There were 382 of us.
Follow the Clues.
It's not a straight path.
You're getting warmer.
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To you.
Billings Senior High 1962 Graduating Class Today
You know me.
Dave Rye
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Cynthia Robinson York
Charlie Robinson
You know me.
I'm the key
knowing me.
Tina Huebner-Patlyek
Tina Huebner-Patlyek Your web hosting provider
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Sergey Brin Cofounder Google
Danica Patrick Spokesperson for GoDaddy
Scott Thompson CEO yahoo at the time the website was started
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Click here for Tune 16.
Welcome to the "Mystery Page"
I was asked last week to speak to you at the Saturday Night Dinner Dance July 28th. The suggested topic was the difficulties I had in setting up the Reunion website. But I could talk about "Anything else" I wanted to.
On this page I intend to post objects, photos, quotes, links to tunes that somehow relate to the topic.
See if you can come up with the connections. I'll explain them on Saturday night July 28th.
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We have e-mail address for 150 Classmates.....More or less....Give or take.
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Who Would You Choose?
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Tune 16
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Chosen by Karen Glantz